Thanks to Michael Fayer New years Eve was the best!!
• Janice P.

Michael Fayer performed for our New years eve event and what a great way to ring in the new year for 2015.
Our theme was Las Vegas and Michael was our main event and gave us a one man legends show for the ages!
It was like having Bruce Springsteen, Elvis and other rock legends come to your party and perform privately at your very own event.
Did I mention that his Frank Sinatra delighted the crowd and all of our New York friends went into a frenzy when Michael came out as Billy Joel putting us all in a New York state of mind He was the hit of the party!
Amazing Entertainer!!!
• Michelle R.

Michael is so much fun to watch and he has an amazing voice!
What a fun time!
Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves.
We were still getting calls a week later about how much fun Michael was!
He was a huge hit!
When you fly in Michael to perform it's viva Las Vegas!
• Jack B.

Great show and a great guy.
Michael is so very talented and his tribute show was top notch entertainment and well worth the price of admission!
Michael's dedication as a performer and integrity results in rebooking and respecting praise.
By Michael's rave reviews and rousing ovations, it is obvious that he delivers everything he promises and more.
• Heath Scott, Delray Beach, Florida

Michael Fayer is Awesome Awesome Awesome!
• Lisa M.

We needed someone to wow our crowd and Michael not only delivered he brought down the house by getting everybody involved and they became part of the show as well and he did it so gracefully!
His talent speaks for itself as Michael transformed himself celebrating and paying tributes to Elvis, Elton John, Billy Joel, Kenny Chesney, Frank Sinatra and others .. WOW!!
Michael should be a headliner in Las Vegas!
Michael puts on a fantastic show!
• Denny G.

We were looking for entertainment and weren't just looking for an impersonator we wanted a show and boy did we get one!
Michael dazzled our group constantly changing charachters and he reminded us of what we saw in Las Vegas only he was a one man legends show.
Talented, humble and full of energy!
Best entertainment we've had!
Michael's the best entertainer we've ever hired!
• Gerald F.

Michael made my wife's 50th birthday the most enjoyable ever.
His energy level and talent rocked the house!
Michael is truly amazing!!
• Eileen R.

Michael Fayer directed his exuberance to the Philadelphia Social Club by first shaking hands with club members while he performed an impersonation of Dean Martin singing “Mambo Beat”.
He then moved smoothly singing the identical song a la Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra.
Amusing the audience further, Fayer interjected stories with vocalizations.
A broad range of impersonations followed that included Mick Jagger, Michael Bolton, Gordon Lighthouse, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Stewart, Louie Armstrong, Billy Lee Cyrus, Mike Tyson, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Robert DiNero, Clint Eastwood and Archie Bunker, to name a few.
Michael, a former Philadelphian, introduced his relatives seated in the audience.
Included were his two daughters, his parents, Roslyn and Ervin Fayer (Philly Club members), and aunt and uncle, Norma and Marvin Fayer.
Michael's Dad was surprised by his son's rendition of “Oh My Papa” as Michael's daughters presented their grandfather with a candlelit birthday cake.
Dellie Rosen was surprised when Michael sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to her and then moved to Dottie Shandler, holding her hands as he concluded the selection.
Michael adopted Elvis Presley's mannerisms and voice style as he performed with a “toilet paper shawl” which he tore into pieces while singing to people in the audience.
We listened to Fayer's rendition of Ray Charles singing “America” as the performance concluded with a patriotic thanks to the current troops and to all Veterans in commemoration of 9/11.
• The Philadelphia Social Club of South Florida

Michael Fayer and The Michael E Experience has been Performing his Tribute acts at Several of the Craig Zinn Automotive group car dealerships over the past several years.
During this time period I not only had the pleasure of getting to know Michael and watching him entertain our customers and staff but I got the opportunity of getting to know him as a person.
He really is a true professional in what he does.
Michael puts everything he has in each and every performance and he is a fabulous amazing entertainer!
After knowing him for quite a few years now not only do I see him as a performer I also can honestly say he has become a very close personal friend of mine in the process!
Come to see Michael perform on a Saturday afternoon between 12 and 3 pm at the worlds greatest car dealership Toyota of Hollywood and get the best show and car buying experience you have ever had!
• Steve Ostrov General Manager Toyota of Hollywood